Encore of Soumitra Smarane
Encore of Soumitra Smarane
Encore of Soumitra Smarane
Encore of Soumitra Smarane
Asol Kotha Holo
Asol Kotha Holo
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About Us

BAAT is a San Francisco bay area-based platform for fellow theater artists to perform, discuss, and enrich our lives through high quality plays. We want to be able to share everything from technical expertise to props, from constructive critique to connecting directors and actors. We work, we grow, and we have fun together!

Our Team of Stage Warriors


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Upcoming Events

Next up, we have a workshop on makeup and sets on June 16 at the Dishari Library in Milpitas. Right after that, Asol Kotha Holo will premiere on stage at Fest O’Theatre in Dallas on July 8. You can catch it again on July 29&30 at Bangalmela 2023 in the SF Bay Area.

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Watch this space for upcoming productions where we will soon be selling tickets!


We are delighted to bring you a re-recording of our Virtual Theater Festival from 15 January, 2022. Five short plays, LIVE from all over the US, with expert critique and commentary for each. We have teams from Boston, Atlanta, Kansas City, San Diego, and San Francisco performing short but high quality Bengali plays that span a variety of genres.


The home team’s production is an absolute laugh fest called Asol Kotha Holo, based on Alice Gerstenberg’s Overtones, directed by Sudipta Chatterjee.


Bay Area Amateur Thespians