About Us

BAAT is a San Francisco bay area-based platform for fellow theater artists to perform, discuss, and enrich our lives through high quality plays. We want to be able to share everything from technical expertise to props, from constructive critique to connecting directors and actors. We work, we grow, and we have fun together!

BAAT was formed in 2018 with the singular vision of bringing together like-minded folks in the San Francisco bay area to connect all things theater. While we’re predominantly a Bengali-speaking group, our theater family and our ambitions are definitely not limited to this language. We are here for everyone to create great drama, discuss and constructively critique others’ work, conduct silent theater festivals, have acting workshops, host improv shows, make short films, make feature films in any language, including the silent ones.

We are not an event management company. While BAAT organizes theater festivals from time to time, one of our goals is to perform good theaters by ourselves. We want to imbibe the best of everyone from around us, in fact from around the world, and become a brand unto ourselves, synonymous with quality.

We firmly believe that the art is bigger than the artist. We want everyone to feel welcome at BAAT, and we leave our personal differences at the door when we come to work towards a common cause. BAAT is not a single person: it is all of us. If your first rule of performing arts incorporates the phrase “I do not work with X”, then perhaps we are not your best fit. But if you can imagine the glory of theater, if you can hear the roar of thunderous applause from the packed halls, the passionate debates about which artist played a character better, the sound of hammers building a set, or even the fingers typing away a newsletter furiously, we are definitely your best friends. We are not affiliated with any religious group, any Durga Puja committee, or any corporations. And yet, we exist in society. We work with everyone and refuse to draw up artificial boundaries based on interpersonal politics. We are amateur thespians: we create professional theater.

Come join us, won’t you?

BAAT Board of Directors