Poster for kittonkhola by BAAT on May 27-29 in Palo Alto, featuring Partha Pratim Deb and Rupa Deb

BAAT presents... কিত্তনখোলা!

Directed by the legendary Partha Pratim Deb

As we begin 2024, BAAT is thrilled to announce its blockbuster opening show of the season: “Kittonkhola” (কিত্তনখোলা) on May 25-27 in Palo Alto. Mark yourself “Going” on our Facebook event page, and block your calendars!


This theatrical masterpiece directed by eminent thespians Partha Pratim Deb and Rupa Deb. Kittonkhola is a legendary drama written by the renowned playwright Selim Al Deen (সেলিম আল দীন) and delves deep into the duality of joyous rural cultures and life’s harsh realities. Kittonkhola unfolds the poignant tales of individuals whose lives are tangled in misfortune and cheer. As they navigate the shadows of their own existence, the play weaves a powerful narrative exposing the raw emotions of these characters as they grapple with their destinies. Kittonkhola invites the audience to witness the stark contrast between the romanticism of rural culture and the grim reality that surrounds the lives of the ensemble.


This production promises a moving and insightful experience that explores hidden aspects of life. Written in 1985 by Selim Al Deen (সেলিম আল দীন), the play Kittonkhola features voices rarely heard in mainstream theater.  Al Deen challenges traditional European theater styles that have often overshadowed unique Bengali traditions like Jatra gaan, Palagan, and others.  He aims to liberate Bengali theater by creating new forms and content inspired by rural Bengal and the lives of ordinary people. This important play highlights Al Deen’s fight against the dominance of Western art forms and his commitment to blending tradition with new ideas.


Save the date on your calendar (May 25-27, 2024) and join us at the Spangenburg Theater in Gunn High School, Palo Alto. Come, be a part of this thespian extravaganza as we bring Selim Al Deen’s counter modernist saga to life on stage featuring the legendary Rupa Deb and Partha Pratim Deb!

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