BAAT Workshops

We, the Bay Area Amateur Thespians, love theater. We aren’t perfect, and if we’re honest: neither is anyone else. But theater exists to make us better human beings, to add empathy to our list of virtues. And like most things in life, only practice can make us better, if not perfect.

BAAT Workshops are designed to help us hone our skills. So that expressing emotion is not called upon just for a few moments on stage, but a practiced art that you can bring from muscle memory at a moment’s notice. So we meet occasionally, just to practice our skills, learn how to walk and talk on stage, critique our own performances, and to discuss good theater. While none of us is an expert, collectively each of us has something to learn from one another. Just by meeting every once in a while, by practicing our craft, we can all become better thespians.

Oak Meadow Park

Play in the Park: July 31, 4-7 pm

Our first ever in-person workshop is planned for Saturday July 31, 2021 at the Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos, CA. We will go through a few interactive exercises, such as expressing emotions. Come and practice with us, teach a few things, and learn from the collective wisdom of all theater enthusiasts in the San Francisco bay area.